How to Create Consistent Change by 
Knowing Your Values... 
So that you can pivot, adapt & thrive and design your new normal by living your values 
even in an unstable world.
Do you struggle making changes in your life? 
Does trying to make change feel a bit restricting? 
Do you feel you...
  • ​Might miss out on opportunities
  • ​Have FOMO - a fear of missing out might sneak in
  • ​Limit your ability to keep up with things that are current
Changes in our life can also be wrapped up around the end goal based on perceived expectations of others (whether it is family members, work mates or keeping up with the Jones’s)
A quote adapted from the kids book “The Short and incredibly happy Life of Riley” by Colin Thompson and Amy Lissiat. 
“They (People) want smart fridges, fast internet, big cars - cost more than yours - gold - diamonds - electronics - gigabyte-fastest - biggest and smallest - machines.”  

“ People look in the mirror and want to be taller - shorter - thinner in one part of the body but much bigger in another - curly hair - straight hair - younger - older - less spotty - moustache - smooth skin - golden sun tan - gorgeous - irresistible - not bald and famous in a painting.”

“ People want to be everywhere - they want to go the seaside, ski resort - paradise - Dreamworld - castaway - exclusivity; you must be really rich if you can afford to come here - plaza - luxury - get away from it all - anywhere but here.”
Many changes in our life end up being based on numbers/size/quantities, as if getting more, being more, doing more is the answer to being happy and content…

Are these goals and targets what we want or what we think we want?
The effort to achieve this is that you feel at cross purposes, confusion and unsettled - 'how can I earn more and be at home more'? How can I improve my fitness when I work 10 hours a day… trying to meet all the expectations can be exhausting and way too hard to juggle.
Many people can make a plan or set a goal, but who’s plan is it? Who’s goal is it?

I know the feeling… 
…of really wanting to change but for whatever reason no change occurs or 
sticks in the long term… 
There's Not enough time!
You don't have the time to think about what you really want or to implement changes even though you know that the right changes would be beneficial in long run.
You don't have the time to think about what you really want or to implement changes even though you know that the right changes would be beneficial in long run.
There's not enough money!
Your finances or lack there of are preventing you from making the  changes you need to design a new life that is more consistent with your values.
Your finances or lack there of are preventing you from making the  changes you need to design a new life that is more consistent with your values.
Spreading yourself too thin!
Trying to do too much at once and feeling like not being able to do anything well. Many people have the constant internal angst of competing priorities.
Trying to do too much at once and feeling like not being able to do anything well. Many people have the constant internal angst of competing priorities.
It also can sometimes feel a bit self-absorbed to think about what is important in my life.
Is your self-talk helping or hindering you?
Sometimes it is hard to see the choices you have available
I am not sure if my family would be on board if I was to make some changes in my/out life.

To make enduring changes in our life we first need to create a Life CONTEXT. 
It provides you with your values and clarity about where you want to head.
Your life context is a reference point for making any changes in your life. 
A ‘Life Context’ is your due North 
1. CLARIFIES YOUR BEARING, YOUR VALUES (your moral compass).
2. CLARIFIES WHERE YOU WANT TO BE, YOUR PREFERRED FUTRE (when every aspect is at its best).

From your Values and your Preferred future you can identify the systems, processes, approach and behaviours you will need to mobilise your values and create your preferred future… you can then put in your diary/planner the tasks, habits and activities you need to undertake in order to LIVE your Values and move towards your Preferred Future.
Your Life Context as your reference point enables you to stay on track -
A pilot is off course 90% of the time they are in the air, however, all the minor adjustments to the bearings, means we arrive at our destination...

Life is messy, expect to get off course but your Life Context can give you your bearings so you arrive at your destination.
By knowing what you want to do and why you want to it, you can get focused and maximise your Time, Energy Attention and Money on what matters most to you.


Hi, I'm Helen.
My Decision Design journey started 25 years ago, a mix of experiences has led me to focusing on taking decision-making into decision design… 

Decision making is the catalyst for action… On our computers we upgrade the software - if the software becomes out of date, in my 25 yrs experience of working with people, groups, organisations, the environment and prosperity I realised our decision making process needs an update.

Community development - ensuring projects had community ownership, before funding was sought and working with a diversity of people - finding common ground.

Policy Advising - how you make good policy. Policy making is often a reaction to a situation, the key is to ensure the policy also addresses the root cause which needs longer term initiatives to ensure improvement and change in outcome.

Holistic Management - developed by a biologist Allan Savory. Holistic meaning the whole is greater than the sum of the parts… with people, in our environment, and our prosperity. 

To ensure we consider People, Environment and Prosperity in our decision making, Allan created the updated decision making process, with values based decision making that checks our head, heart, future, present, root cause, people, environment and prosperity

Since 2003 I have been a Professional Educator in Holistic Management (Savory Institute), primarily focused on land management however the management component – the values based decision making is the best kept secret and it is time to introduce the wider community to it as it is a great tool for designing & improving the outcomes and the impact in your life, community and organisation.

More recently as Project manager, Mum, Farmer and Educator, I have spent time looking at turning ideas into action - getting things done, productivity, project planning, seeking the root cause to aspects of my life, creating food with nutrient integrity (working with nature instead of using artificial inputs) by building healthy biological soil, growing healthy plants, producing healthy animals = healthy people.

Join me on the journey of updating your decision making to decision design - you are in the drivers seat - knowing where you want to go, you can steer your life or organisation towards it. 

With every decision you make, it is a choice which reflects to the world how you show up and what you stand for. What do you stand for, what do your choices say about you?   


Simon Sinek - 'Find Your Way'
Brene Brown - 'Values'
Jordan B Peterson
Charlie Gilkey
Imagine what life will be like when you are able to Navigate Constant CHANGE and design a better future!
The Life Compass Program
Helps you get clarity on your Values and the future you want. Create a great action plan to move forward to a life you dream of.


What’s Included.
Introduction & Background 
This module highlights the value of knowing your Why, we provide you with an outline of what is included in your Life Context- and how to make your Life Context a powerful reference point for decisions.

Create a vision board for your life - provoke values and what you want to include in your Life Context. 
• The importance of your Why
• The Life Compass Guide

Clarify your values
Now is the time we get stuck into unearthing your core values…
With your core values you create the 1st part of your Life Context.

• Clarify your values
• Understanding your Why
• Clarify where you want to be
• Set your actions and behaviours
• Make an action plan

Creating your life context
“The best way to predict the future is to create it for yourself”… this is the second part of your LIFE CONTEXT and where you get to describe what the attributes are when things are at their best… You/ Your family, the Community, The Environment and your Prosperity.
Now is the time to put Your Life Context together - Your Values & Your Preferred Future. An Example is provided to illustrate how it looks .

• Understanding the importance of values
• Get clarity on what your principals stand for
• Have a clearer understanding of how you       want to feel

life context action plan
Create your action plan to live your life context -
Identify the systems and behaviours you need to put in place- to live your values .
Brainstorm- the actions and tasks you need to make your Life Context reality.
Sometimes we need to stop doing some things, so we can start doing new habits & keep doing what is in line with our Life Context.

• Clarity on what systems, processes and behaviours you need to put in place
The Life Compass helps you create focus to get you to maximise your Time, Energy Attention and Money on what matters most to you.
Plus, You'll Also Get...
Decision Design Hub Life Planner – 
One-month Trial (value $17)
Plan the year, the Quarters, the Month, Week, your Days, Do – work through the actions on your daily pages, Review- Your day, your week, your month, your quarter.
  • A perpetual quarterly planner- 3 months at a time.
  • ​Inspired by ‘The 12 week Year’ ( B.Moran & M Lennington) 
  • ​Helping you plan ahead for the foreseeable future… make the most of each month, week and day.
  • ​Set out in sections- PLAN, DO, REVIEW, NEXT PLAN.
  • To share, be inspired, be accountable, learn and grow. 
  • ​Video Tutorial - get clear instructions on how to use the planner.
It Includes - 4 Module Video Course:
  • Why is your WHY important
  • Clarify your values
  • Creating your Life Context
  • ​Life Context action plan
  • ​1-month Trial of the Decision Design Perpetual Planner + a step-by-step explainer video (value $17)

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Peter & Romaine Undery
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